My DNA melody. Yes - it's a thing.

So it's not often you get to sequence your DNA. It's even more rare to have said DNA converted in to a melody.

So ladies and gentleman - here you go. 23 and Me used their own algorithm and generated a melody from my own DNA!

Sci-fi stuff right?

So what's interesting about the way this melody is created is understanding what is used to generate the music. 

The key of my melody is derived from my maternal haplogroup. Keys that are considered to be closely related (such as C major and G major) have been linked to haplogroups that are geographically similar.

In this program, rhythm is derived from traits such as eye colour and height. 

The pitches selected are derived from traits such as earwax type and photic sneeze response

Source: 23 and Me Melody Lab. 

Here's another fun fact about it -  

"You may wonder if someone out there has the same melody as you.  Given the number of variables in the program, the odds that two people (assuming they are not identical twins) have the same exact melody is about 1 in 10^28.  In other words, anyone who signs up for 23andMe will get a totally unique melody based entirely on their personal genetic information."

 All of the above information is available on my own 23 and Me DNA Melody page.