Canada's first Sensation White event!

So yesterday I had the privilege of attending a “show”, specifically a house/dance/EDM/awesomeness package. The event was called “Sensation White” and it’s a very popular event outside of North America. This year - Bud Light decided to bring it to Toronto, Canada and hyped the event thru the roof. 

Here’s a quick run down of the important facts of this event (Paraphrased from this Toronto Star article)

  • The event started back in 2000, in Netherlands. 
  • The Toronto event will be the third largest Sensation event. 
  • The traveling show has a crew of 100 amazing engineers, dancers, etc. 
  • The dress code is STRICTLY enforced (everyone looked beautiful because of this too).
  • The event started at 8pm, right on schedule and finished at 3am. 

Once we got to downtown, and gathered up at Sheraton Center (one of us had a room booked there) we proceeded to the Rogers Center, and just as suspected we saw groups of people dressed up in all white heading to Sensation - and this already was making everyone more and more excited! The all white attire sort of gave the entire event a “gathering” feeling. Every one there was extremely happy to be there - to be part of the first Sensation White event in Canada. 

Perhaps the only time I was standing still before Sensation! 

Once we got in - every one proceeded to get their drinks for the night!

Protip - Stay hydrated people - drink water and don’t f***king do drugs and show up at the event. You’ll ruin it for everyone else. Seriously, GTFO. 

Now that we were inside, and proceeded to the floor - I saw the entire setup which can only be described as visceral. 

The theme of the event was “Ocean of White” - and quite literally the entire roof looked like a seabed. Amazing setup to say the least. 

Once the event started off with Mr. White - the crowd gradually moved towards the stage, and as time passed we were treated to a Bellagio style water fountain show, with amazing pyrotechnics and a laser show. 

My favorite segment of the entire night was Fedde Le Grand and Eric Prydz. They both had amazing sets - with amazing visuals and you could see the team behind Sensation (ID & T - who co-incidentally are the biggest group in this genre of music promotion and events) ensured the production was top notch! This group is also responsible for what I can only say is perhaps the biggest music festival in the world - TomorrowLand

All in all - it was an amazing event! 

If I get an opportunity to attend TomorrowWorld in US (TomorrowLand's North American variant) this September - I can only imagine what the entire setup will look like - given they are expecting some 150,000 people to show up! 

Here are some shots from last night!

And here’s a video showing the finale of the night by Otto Knows. Shot entirely by Dan Levy of Levy News Network.