Turning 26, and the acceptance of changes around me.

So I turned 26 on the 22nd of May, 2013. To be completely honest the feeling of turning 26 at first seemed very uneventful. I mean, it felt like ”just another birthday”. 

But slowly I started my self-reflection and came up with a few self-actualizations. 

I suddenly feel financially more responsible. Maybe it’s been gradually creeping up on me - but I feel I’m more self-aware of the environment and the people around me.

I have now come to realize I can no longer be a friend with everyone I’ve shaken hands with over the past decade or so. I’m learning to let go. For those that know me - it’s a seemingly difficult and daunting task. I’ve come to realize with whom my strength and support lies, and to counter it all - I’m making this year my final effort year to reach out to people I’ve lost touch with - and reconnect with. 

I’ve come to appreciate communication amongst family, friends and peers even more. I’ve also come to view the different lifestyles around me - and having the privilege of  being around people that love fine dining, to people that love getting smashed over the weekends to others that simply like staying in.

All in all - this birthday has been less adrenaline filled and more thought provoking. 

I blame the wind for canceling my Hang Gliding plans and forcing me to implore, but who can realistically get upset at Mother Nature?

I’m going to continue my self-actualization and realization throughout this year and see the fruition of it all by my 27th birthday. 

Till then - if I reach out, only if you see it worth it - reach back. 

And that’s the end of my musing. 

Thanks for reading!