A random Blue Mountain encounter. Seriously.

So a few days ago my good friend Loreanne flew back in town from Philippines after finishing her first year at Med School. 

She wanted to hang out and do “Canadian” things that she missed while she was studying across the world. She’s an avid snowboarder - so Kelvin and I decided to join her at hit up Blue Mountain for perhaps the most late run in the season. The temperature was in double digits so we knew we were going to be boarding on slush. We arrived, got a few runs down till the weather really got hot and we did some t-shirt boarding. 

That however isn't the highlight of this post. 

On my way down when I was taking a break - I checked my time on my Nike fuelband. An older couple in their 50’s walked by asked me what is was. What followed is a conversation that blew my mind. I am still trying to fathom the scope of the entire conversation that involved nutrition, cancer, math, genetics, doctors, research, pharmaceutical companies, cure for cancer and ended with a discussion on faith. It was perhaps the MOST random experience I have encountered till date.

Loreanne and Kelvin eventually joined in on the conversation too and were blown away by the scope of the topics I had already discussed with Brian Ward and his wife. I honestly cannot even describe how well versed this gentleman was in perhaps all areas of life. He seemed like a prodigy of his time, a gifted man - a term that cannot be used lightly. We exchanged numbers - and I hope to cross paths with Brian some day again in the near future. Perhaps I’ll give him a call when the 2013/3014 season starts up again. And it all started by him looking at my Nike Fuelband. 

Lesson learnt - Always be open to a conversation, you never know who you’ll meet, what you’ll learn and how much your mind will be blown.

T-shirt boarding.