My official commitment to snowboarding with a Bataleon Riot

So I bought a new board - a Bataleon Riot. I realized I didn't want to waste money renting it every time I went to learn snow boarding, and decided it was time to invest in a board I plan on keeping for quite some time.

After some serious decision making, and lengthy conversations with snow boarding veterans (Kelvin and Huy) I picked up this bad boy.

This is the intro video to the board - from a brand focused pretty much only on snowboarding. 

I’m not going to lie, I have zero experience with what “reverse camber/hybrid camber” means, or what Triple Base Technology(TBT) means - but I wanted this board. From what I’ve read on the interwebs, newbie’s like me will appreciate the TBT and raised edges to avoid clipping often. It’ll also apparently force me to learn carving quickly. 

Also, the graphic on the board threw me off when I first saw it - giving it a 3D appearance and kinda controversial appeal!

I find out next week how I perform with this board. I cant really review this board because I’ve only used beaten up and abused boards before. This will however become my benchmark going forward.


PS - here's a video amalgamation showing the entire snowboard lineup!

The board, with new pants and Eletric EG2's