Audi of Mississauga VS A6's trunk release mechanism

So about 2 weeks ago, I stated I'd write up a post on Audi of Mississauga triaging skills. Well I got caught up with work, and forgot.

Basically - the 2013 A6's trunk locked out completely, and we couldn't for the love our lives figure out what caused it to completely lock up. Tried both the keys, and the manual release by the driver's door, did not resolve the issue. Googled a bit, the most posts said Audi's trunk mechanism might have failed and will probably have to be changed. We were a bit annoyed.

Called Audi of Mississauga, set up an appointment for two days out (they seem to book up quickly). My dad went in to see if it's a quick fix or not. The technicians spent a good few minutes trying to see if they could fix the issue right away.

They were not able to. My dad waited an hour, and then they decided to drop my dad off back home as they wanted to 'order the trunk mechanism' and see if that would fix the issue. They also took both the keys of the car and re-programmed it to see if it would resolve the issue. It didn't.

After about 3 hours, they realized the valet button in the glove compartment had been accidentally pressed in, and that locked the trunk out completely.

Neither the car manual, nor the technicians it seems knew about this off hand.

Why did it take 3 hours to figure out a simple button would resolve the issue is beyond me.

I'm not entirely sure why the triaging of this issue took so long. Usually the "troubleshooting" should include these steps, but some how the technicians missed it.

TL:DR - If you have a recent Audi, and your trunk has suddenly locked itself out, check the valet button in the glove compartment. Save yourself about 3 hours of time and stress.