After Eight cravings.

I got up today, craving After Eight. Quite random I know, I mean - the mints are only available during Christmas (or the Holidays, for the politically correct). I decided to see how quickly could I get my hands on this piece of awesomeness. I know I’ve popped in my neighbourhood No Frills and Costco as well and never seen them outside of the ‘season. 

After a few google searches I landed on - an online Canadian retailer that had this mint in stock. Two minutes later my order was processing. 

I cant believe I actually resorted to online grocery shopping. All for mints. I’ll update this post once it arrives, hopefully not completely melted and all. 

Also - Happy made up Holiday today folks of Ontario, today is family day so I hope you get a chance to actually be with your family!

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After Eight awesomeness