Happy ascending countdown to 2013 Anno Domini a.k.a Happy New Year!

This is what I sent out to people I want to stay in touch with and still think are awesome! "As the New Year approaches us with hopes anew, here is wishing you and your family a wonderful year ahead. Happy New Year!"

I was also preparing a long, heart warming text message, and had tagged over 200 people in it, when I was suddenly distracted and hit cancel on my text. Apologies for not sending out a text because I just became lazy.

And now time to reflect on 2012, and what it has meant to me.

Ascending countdown to 2013!

Ascending countdown to 2013!

This year saw me radically shift my priorities and experience the following:

- Be more “grown up” in other words.

- I hit the quarter century mark of my life.

- Started working full time, and man that alone has been such a thrilling experience, on a daily basis.

- Met like minded people during my trips, including more awesome ‘work friends’.

- Met some truly amazing people in my trip to Delhi for my friends wedding in India and I intend to stay in touch with them for the entirety of time!

- Slowed down on my excessive purchase of electronics

The last one was perhaps the toughest one. Seriously.

I also learnt it’s tough to maintain friendships and that I need to get better at staying in contact with friends and family - and that tweeting and messaging over Facebook is not enough. If I did not get a chance to meet you in person in 2012, please don't let that happen in 2013 as well.

So what about resolutions?

I had one, and only one in 2012. It was a rather simple one, and I wanted to test my willpower. I was highly addicted to energy drinks. I consumed them like water, and averaged one a day till 31st Dec, 2011. I decided to stop, and it’s 1st Jan, 2013 and I’m still energy-drink free.

It was truly one of the most damaging things to my body, so this year, my resolution is once again straight forward - eat and be healthy. I don't intend to start lifting weights and go all out in the gym, but I’d like to become even more active. I know I have a support system in place with friends and family that are health and nutrition experts so I have the resources, now I just need to put in my willpower.

Let’s see how 2013 unfolds. It’s never been my intention to have a path set in stone and to go with the flow - but this year I intend to turn it up a notch and experience life in an even more thrilling way.

What I definitely intend to do is go Bungee Jump and you are welcome to join me!

How do you plan on living out 2013? The year a small portion of the world never expected to see past 21s Dec, 2012.

Thanks for reading, and stay awesome. And please don't loose touch - humans are social beings, and as such must be “social”.

PS - Yes, I know the title is an oxymoron. Deal with it.

Image credit: Good WallPapers