What Audi did to correct my experience – Hint: nothing.

This is a follow up post to the previous Audi experience post I made about two weeks ago.  After my post was splashed across my Facebook and Twitter, I was finally about to get Audi’s attention. I had a brief conversation with Audi Canada PR and was told Audi wanted to close the loop‚ and understood my problems with my experience and understood the importance of brand loyalty and image.

Within an hour of my conversation with Audi, I received a call from the service manager from Audi of Oakville. The service manager left a voicemail (as I was unable to answer at work) stating he was under the impression our first conversation about the service quality was the final one. Nothing came out of the conversation but “I’m sorry I misunderstood, I thought that our conversation was over”

Fair enough.

2013 A6

I booked my first scheduled appointment with them this past thursday. I walked in, and was greeted courteously and was told I’d be out in an hour. I sat in the rather small “Quattro Cafe” where I killed an hour on my Mac. I was notified at just over an hour that the service was done, and what was exactly serviced in my car. I was told when my next appointment would be and how long I’d have to wait to get my service completed as well. I received my car - which was washed as well this time around, and was on my way back to my house.

What went wrong you ask?

Audi completely forgot to acknowledge the previous screw up, did absolutely nothing to rectify the situation. They completely ignored what lead to my blog post in the first place. All that resulted from this was - Audi gave me the service I expected from them in the first place to begin with.

Audi did not fix their loaner car issue. I did NOT ask for a loaner/courtesy vehicle, why charge for your product’s failure 3 months in to ownership?

Audi did not go beyond what was expected to show me what brand loyalty means.

I will have to just suck it up, and deal with this service for however long my ownership of a brand new 2013 Audi A6 lasts. Given the navigation failure in just under 3 months - it doesn't seem like a long bond between Audi and me.

Please keep in mind, this is just my experience with the brand. Your mileage may vary depending on your dealership and brand of the car - but one thing is for certain, other brands will not charge you for a loaner that THEY provide you as a courtesy, not something you’ve explicitly requested.

So, Audi in a nut shell missed my entire point of the post.

And that’s that.

TL,DR: Audi said sorry, did nothing to regain my loyalty.