Nike FuelBand!

So I decided to pick one of these bad boys up! The premise is very simple. Be as active as you can be - earn points for it and then battle it out on a leader board comparing your results with your friends!


I've never been so motivated to stay active just to beat my goal and to score high on the Nike FuelBand leader board!

The FuelBand may come off as a fashion accessory and for uber active folks that is true!

But for the majority this thing is a fancy gadget - that gives you the time, is a pedometer and monitors your fitness!

There's an iOS app as well that helps your sync with stats over Bluetooth as well!

For all the folks just looking to get motivated - this is it.

For the folks that are already active - this is a pretty cool tech to help you crush your friends morales by syncing your scores.

For the rest - it's an awesome watch.

PS - there's 3 colours. Black, Clear Black and White Ice (the one above).