Edge Walk for 25th Birthday! [VIDEO]

Yesterday was my 25th birthday. Yea, I’m a quarter of a century old. Last year I decided to jump off a plane. This year, I decided to still get the same intense adrenaline rush, but do something different. So two days before my birthday - I decided to see the Toronto Skyline from the highest point possible. Breathing some fresh air above the city smog isnt a bad idea from time to time - so why not do both, in one shot.

Enter: Edge Walk.

Something brilliant - designed for the adrenaline junkies, a simple activity of checking out the city skyline - 356 meters ABOVE the ground. The Edge Walk takes places right above the 360* restaurant (which is why you can smell some amazing food while checking out the city from the top as well).

Edge Walk

Edge Walk

I lucked out and visited during Victoria Day so the city was pretty dead, which made getting in and out of Toronto very easy. The fact that we had clear skies made the entire trip FULL OF AWESOME.

So here are the highlights and some facts:

  • The ticket costs $175+tax and can be purchased here for any of the available days/time.
  • You will be wearing an orange jump suit so dress comfortably.
  • They will give you two complimentary photos (a solo and a group shot, assuming a group went up with you) and a DVD with the video of selected portions of your trip, which the ‘guide master’ records periodically without notifying you so obviously be cognizant of that!
  • You are 356 meters ABOVE ground and it’s windy up there!

The experience was much longer, about 20 minutes-  So there’s more to savor compared to my SkyDive(which lasted a total of maybe 3 minutes).

The video here show’s my expressions throughout the entire Edge Walk.


Honestly, I enjoyed my time up there. The constant adrenaline rush, matched with the series of activities that we did up top really injected adrenaline and made me hyper aware!

If you are afraid of heights and don't picture yourself ever Sky Diving, this is the next best alternative.

If you have Sky Dived, or are going to - This offers a completely different experience which is just as entertaining and exhilarating.

Oh - and it’s quite an EPIC way to celebrate your birthday - but maybe I’m just biased! :D