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UPDATE: April 30th 2013 - I've modified the header image to reflect what's in line with the company's website, and I've added new speed tests. Still running smoothly 2 years in without any major hiccups.

What/Who is Teksavvy? Tekksavvy is a third-party ISP that leases lines from Bell and Rogers. They offer DSL and Cable internet services (along with quite a few other services that you can check out here).

Why should you consider them? They offer internet packages that are reasonable and affordable – and I’ll get into that shortly. Who did you make the switch from? I was previously a Bell customer from 2002-2003, and was least impressed by their DSL service when I was in North York. I then moved to Mississauga and decided to switch to their competitor, Rogers and opted for their ‘express’ Cable package that was unmetered back in 2003. To avoid paying modem rental fee’s I went ahead and dropped $100 on a new modem back then as well. Services were always up and running, with down time only during early mornings that happened maybe a few times throughout the 8 years I was with them, and that to me is an impressive track record. However, in 2006 (if I remember correctly) CRTC approved of Usage based billing (UBB) for Rogers and Bell (Need to verify this).

Why the switch? The whole reason why I moved from Bell to Rogers was to avoid the stupid bandwidth limitations. Bell was the first to introduce UBB and then sometime in 2006 Rogers jumped on this too (It’s a distant memory so I cannot recall when it was introduced). I remember the overage being $25 for the longest time, and then suddenly late 2009/early 2010 the overage increased to $50/month. I hear Bell customer’s were/are being charged $60 for overages/month. I was on Rogers ‘Express’ package since the time it was introduced back in 2003. I paid a flat fee of $47+taxes for years and years, till the overages were introduced. That increased my bill to $47+25+taxes. Keep in mind my bandwidth allotted for this plan was a measly 60GB. Obviously my entire family’s usage exceeded the monthly usage EVERY month. So when the overages were increased to $50, my bill increased to $47+50+taxes. I was paying MORE in overages than my monthly bill. Logically that makes absolutely no sense. I was averaging close to 200+GB of usage every month thanks to Netflix, iTunes and a number of other online uses like gaming, streaming and backing up to the ‘cloud’. I heard about Teksavvy last year for introducing their unmetered packages but they were not available in Mississauga till early this year. After talking to several Roger’s representatives and Teksavvy agents, I concluded there was no reason for me to stick with Rogers because at this point in time no plan from Rogers fit my family’s usage. My parents are movie buff’s so watching a new HD movie thru iTunes was a given and thanks to Netflix I’ve caught up on series that were popular during the 90’s and early years of the last decade. This resulted in an even more increased bandwidth consumption, so the time had come to look for alternatives.

How did I switch? The switch to Teksavvy from Rogers was surprisingly seamless. Teksavvy agents told me to cancel my Rogers service first, and then to call them back once everything was confirmed for cancellation. I called up Rogers, was offered 30% discount but after doing quick math with the agent on the other line, we decided to go ahead with the cancellation. I however had to utilize the service for 30 days before it was cancelled (as per Roger’s cancellation policy). I gave Teksavvy a call, signed up for their extreme cable pro plan ($54.95+taxes for unmetered usage) and ordered their SB6120 modem. I decided to opt for their modem simply due to the fact that it supports DOCSIS 3.0 which really just means if and when Teksavvy upgrades their speeds I wont have to change modems. Basically future-proofing myself. Because I was moving to their cable plan, and since Teksavvy leases Roger’s lines the switch was going to be done on their end with me just swapping modems on the final day of my usage. I paid the 1st month + modem fee + activation fee to Teksavvy and a few days later the modem arrived in mail. Once the time had come to make the physical switch, I swapped the modems and faced a downtime of 4 hours (between 3am-7am). The transition was seamless and once the modem was up and running I did a few speedtests to confirm my speeds which always average between 15-17 Mb/s. I’ve also seen consistent download speeds of 1.5MB/s as well throughout the day elucidating no throttling is being done at ANY time of the day so far. I’ve only been using this service since 26th of April so my usage may either remain the same or fluctuate over the next few weeks but for now I can only say positive things about the service. I don’t have to worry about overages at this point in time, and that REALLY is saving lots and lots of money.

Here is the most recent speedtest

Teksavvy Speedtest

Teksavvy Speedtest

UPDATED: April 30th 2013

UPDATED: April 30th 2013

If you have any questions with regards to my post feel free to get in touch and I’ll be happy to answer them for you!

I'm not a fanboy of any sort - I'm still a loyal Roger's customer with every other service still hooked to them. Internet is the only service that became an issue and Teksavvy seems to be the solution for now but I hope this post helps those on the fence!