Happy Immigration Anniversary!

Weird title? I know. So allow me to explain, and for that - let's rewind back to January 2nd, 2002, in Bombay (Mumbai to be politically correct), India. My parents decided to move to the 'Land of Oppurtunities' - Canada for my brother and me. A massive sacrifice on their part (which my brother and I are still trying to justify, NOT an easy task to live up to). We got on board Air Canada and landed in YYZ (Lester B. Pearson International Airport for you outside Ontario). The only real visual I had about Canada was from this spectacular movie called Cool Runnings . Surprisingly, us immigrant noobs had no idea that January is indeed one of the COLDEST months in Canadian winters, and I could have sworn I experienced instant hypothermia that day. My brother and I still cannot decide if we should consider it to be a "Happy Birth Anniversary" or a "Happy Death Anniversary", because moving here quite literally changed us, rebooted our personalities and perspectives on life, but also took a part of us being "Indian" away. I couldn't decide, so I came up with this day - Happy Immigration Anniversary, since it was the most relevant. I don't see this occasion's existence yet - so I call dibs on copyright (if that makes sense!).

Sappy stuff, I know - but it had to be mentioned because it's been NINE years since I moved here, and I think I've come a long, long way since I first moved here.

But on a more relevant note - CES is going to be here in less than 72 hours AND OMG I'M GOING TO WET MYSELF (Like every year's CES).

Expect a more comprehensive post encompassing all three days of CES after it's over!

PS: CES stands for Consumer Electronics Show, basically a Victoria's Secret Show, with Gadget's being showcased for us geeks. Both the show's have the same effect on us, and that's an irrefutable fact.

Thanks for reading!