It's here. Start of a new decade, and I woke up today just in time to witness the epic timestamp of 1/1/11, at 11:11am (and then hopefully pm as well).

I'd talk about my memories of the last decade, and the last year alone - but that could go on forever.

2011 is about moving forward. In more ways than one for me - and I hope that is the intention for everyone close to me as well.

But what I would like to say is - 2010 NYE party was EPIC. Enjoyed my time with friends, family and strangers. Perfect blend of dance, music, food and conversations finishing off with great coffee (PS: Coffee is the answer to everything, for me at least).

This isn't intended to be a though-provoking post, but rather a milestone for me to look back a year from now and say to my self "I did what I intended to do".

Here's to another year of awesomeness, and the start of an even more EPIC decade.


Image : Revuh