Turning 26, and the acceptance of changes around me.

I have now come to realize I can no longer be a friend with everyone I’ve shaken hands with over the past decade or so. I’m learning to let go. For those that know me - it’s a seemingly difficult and daunting task. I’ve come to realize with whom my strength and support lies, and to give it one last shot  -  I’m making this year my final effort year to reach out to people I’ve lost touch with - and reconnect with.

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Audi of Mississauga VS A6's trunk release mechanism

So about 2 weeks ago, I stated I'd write up a post on Audi of Mississauga triaging skills. Well I got caught up with work, and forgot.​

Basically - the 2013 A6's trunk locked out completely, and we couldn't for the love our lives figure out what caused it to completely lock up. Tried both the keys, and the manual release by the driver's door, did not resolve the issue. Googled a bit, the most posts said Audi's trunk mechanism might have failed and will probably have to be changed. We were a bit annoyed. ​

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Final run at Blue Mountain for this season!

I cant believe winter is already over. I also cant believe I'm disappointed it's over, because I've always looked forward to summer - but honestly, I think I've found my new addiction. It's the perfect seasonal addiction. I will attempt a final run of the season at Holiday Valley perhaps in two days, provided the weather is in my favour. 

Here's some shots from today, including my friends Huy and Kelvin, just before doing down on a double black diamond slope. Yea, they wanted me to "get the feel of it" and navigated me thru it. Man was the rush exhilarating. Too bad I had to leaf the entrance of the slope. Carving next season?

PS - the switch back bindings were installed on the drive to the resort. That's how easy they are to snap in to place!

After all this was done, we pretty much inhaled food at 'The Smoke' - pretty good joint, except small servings! All in all, a great final run at Blue Mountain.

3 hour smoked chicken! 

Winter, shaping up to be a better season than summer.

My official commitment to snowboarding with a Bataleon Riot

​So I bought a new board - a Bataleon Riot. I realized I didn't want to waste money renting it every time I went to learn snow boarding, and decided it was time to invest in a board I plan on keeping for quite some time.

After some serious decision making, and lengthy conversations with snow boarding veterans I picked up this bad boy.

This is the intro video to the board - from a brand focused pretty much only on snowboarding. 

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