Canada's first Sensation White event!

​So yesterday I had the privilege of attending a “show”, specifically a house/dance/EDM/awesomeness package. The event was called “Sensation White” and it’s a very popular event outside of North America. This year - Bud Light decided to bring it to Toronto, Canada and hyped the event thru the roof. 

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After Eight cravings.

I got up today, craving After Eight. Quite random I know, I mean - the mints are only available during Christmas (or the Holidays, for the politically correct). I decided to see how quickly could I get my hands on this piece of awesomeness. I know I’ve popped in my neighbourhood No Frills and Costco as well and never seen them outside of the ‘season'.
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2012 Semi-Redesign!


So I decided to give my blog a semi-redesign. I was bored of the theme I've had on for about two years now. The theme no longer inspired me to add more content to my blog. I found this Tumblr-style theme from Studiopress. I've since then also downloaded 'Posts' a phenomenal blogging app for the new iPad (works on the older one too). I will try to update more frequently as well. I'm also trying to learn some code in my spare time ( this seems to be rather tough).

This is a random code box
Funky things can be added here. 
Stuff like HTML5, CSS and Javascript, all of which I don't know.

In the mean time - let me know what you think about the redesign.

Oh, and I've so far seen The Dark Knight Rises three times. In IMAX. I've also had the chance to watch The Expendables 2, UltraAVX style. The sheer number of references to the 80's and 90's classic action movies kept me gasping for air.

Other than that - Life has been keeping me at bay. Summer has also come to an end.

And with that said - Let's see how the next few months pan out. I'll be travelling in two weeks - and will be going on a complete 'Geek Adventure'.



(Typed entirely in OmmWriter - Such a serene typing environment).


Image: ZealousWeb

Bollywood and Sunny Leone

So it’s been some time since my last post. Got caught up with - you know, Life. Now that my term has ended, I have some time to gather my thoughts and I’m going to spread them across a few posts.  

My biggest beef right now is with Bollywood. This post explains why, but now I’m going to add another reason to it. Sunny Leone. Seriously - she is no longer popular stateside (specifically in the porn industry) so she decided to do what anyone famous and bored does - try their luck in Bollywood. And wow was Bollywood thrilled to bring her on board.

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My visit to the 2011 Canadian International Auto Show

Today is Monday, the 21st of 2011 and it’s Family day. It’s also Ontario’s awesome ‘made-up’ Holiday. However, no one here has an issue with that – Holidays are always welcomed, and it’s usually on holidays that things can be done. Things like visiting the 2011 Canadian Auto Show at the Toronto Metro Convention center. It’s like a perfect sequence of events. So I decided to capitalize on the holiday and headed downtown with a friend. The last time I visited the Auto Show was back in 2006. Every year since then, something or the other stopped me from attending the Auto Show, and this year I decided to make sure I make a visit.Read More